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Thassos is the most northern island of Greece and it is located opposite Kavala. The distance from Kavala in 12 miles and 6 miles from Keramoti. There are ferry boats every 45 minutes during high season and every 1 or 1,30 hours for the rest of the year .

Thassos is perhaps the most greenery island of Greece ; it is all covered with pine trees from the coastline to the top of its Mount Ipsarion.

Its coasts are clear and the beaches are full of golden sand.

Its inhabitants are characterised for their hospitality and they are ready to service you at their modern and luxury resorts.

Thassos island was named after Thassos who was Europe’s brother. While he was looking for his sister Europe who was kidnapped by Zeus who arrived in Thassos. He and his men were attracted by the beauty of the island so much that they decided to live on the island for ever. Thassos became its first King and he gave it his name.

Thassos‘ history and civilisation are rich. The ancient theatre is in excellent condition nowadays; various theatrical and music performances are held every summer during Thassos festival. The archaeological museum is one of the best in Greece; and the ancient agora next to the museum are worth visiting.

For the recent decades Thassos is a cosmopolitan island and it accepts guests from all over the world . Once they visit it they come again and again with their friends. Life here is rather cheap and the visitors may have their holidays choosing between nightlife or quiet.

Egnatia street has made transportation easier to Thassos from every part of Greece and Europe. The distance from Thessaloniki to ferry boat has been reduced to 1,30 or 1,45 hours and from Athens to 5,30-6 hours. You need 45-50 minutes by plane from Athens to Kavala airport.

We invite you to visit Thassos and see its beauty yourselves; to live the experience and remember for the rest of the year; and we are sure that you will be coming again and again. Our guests become our friends.